A MAZE. Cape Town Pop Up

Nov 30th to Dec 2nd 2018 — Cape Town

invited by Playtopia - Indie Games and Interactive Arts Festival

After an amazing time and seven A MAZE. Festivals in Johannesburg we are excited being invited by Freelives and being part of the first home grown game festival in South Africa. Playtopia - Indie Games and Interactive Arts Festival is part of the Africa Games Week which is also celebrating it's kick off and hopefully will gain a wonderful future for local game maker and game studios . A MAZE. will participate with a wonderful Digital Garden Exhibition, exhibiting works connected to nature and garden in a real plant garden exhibtion and a green thumb panel, how we can make an impact on people with let's call them green games.

Also A MAZE. is organising in partnership with Goethe-Institut Johannesburg the first Train Jam from Johannesburg to Cape Town that enables young talented game makers from Johannesburg to come with us to Playtopia. The theme of the game jam will be nature as the fresh developed games will be part of the A MAZE. Digital Garden Exhibition.


  • Thorsten S. Wiedemann (Germany)

    Thorsten S. Wiedemann is founder and artistic director of A MAZE.. He produces and curates festivals, exhibitions and workshops in the field of games and playful media. With A MAZE. in Berlin and "A MAZE. in Johannesburg (until 2017), he created two
    annual international festivals to represent authorship and artistic expression in digital games and other realities. 
He generates new controversial formats (e.g. A MAZE. Magazine, A MAZE. Pop-ups) and gives room for experimentation, collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange. Thorsten established since 2012 the A MAZE. Awards, which goes to unique, thought-provoking and artistic games in six categories. His focus is on the interdisciplinary discourse, good parties and in filling the gaps between games, art and culture. He is also the first VR Naut as he’s spent 48hrs in VR straight for his performance piece „Disconnected"! He lives and works in Berlin.

  • Filipa Domingues (South Africa)

    Filipa Domingues is founding producer at Fly on the Wall; Filipa brings her unique organizational and motivational skills to everything the collective does. She has two feature documentaries as Executive Producer behind her as well as numerous 'big budget' commercials for local and international brands and agencies. Filipa is also a highly regarded stills photographer and clients benefit from really beautiful behind the scenes stills of any Fly on the Wall production.

    Her photographic work, under the pseudonym Suicide Monkey, has been featured on the cover of a number of magazines and as full page spreads in National Geographic.

  • Titouan Millet (France)

    Titouan Millet is a french multimedia artist. I'm part of the Klondike collective. I experiment with colours, shapes and motion. I compose music and write tales. I make alternative games. I tell stories of sand and space. Life could be like a rocket launch, Brighter than the sun, Louder than thunder.

  • Paloma Dawkins (Canada)

    Paloma Dawkins is a Canadian cartoonist working with virtual reality and videogames as mediums for psychedelic landscape art. Dawkins work disrupts conventional game storytelling to take players on an absurdist romp through the highest clouds to the ocean deep.

  • Robin Baumgarden (Germany)

    Robin Baumgarten is a German Indie Game Developer based in London. He's a serial game jammer who is working on mobile games and strange experimental hardware controllers, and also dabbles in artificial intelligence, photography and traveling. After starting out with mobile games, he is now focusing on making and exhibiting custom hardware games for museums and festivals.


  • Dec 1st – Green Thumb Panel

    The Green thumb panel wants to discuss the magic and the power of a „digital garden exhibition“. How digital nature enable reflection and communication along our precious good we have on earth without using the raised index finger and how organic exhibition design strengthen the experience.

    Moderated by Thorsten S. Wiedemann
    Panelist: Filipa Domingues, Paloma Dawkins, Robin Baumgarten, Titouan Millet

    amazedigitalgarden #AMaze2018

A MAZE. Digital Garden

A garden for life! A garden eden! A garden of play! A garden of reflection ! A garden of peace ! A garden of dreams! A garden of love !

The Digital Garden Exhibition curated by Thorsten S. Wiedemann, founder and artistic director of the playful media festival A MAZE. is a garden of 1000 gardens and a metaphor of change. We change how we address nature to the audience. Nature is precious, nature is strong, nature is what people need to relax, reflect and celebrate. The exhibiton will be a oasis that creates narratives and interaction around nature, plant, leisure in digital games and virtual reality and real life. We want to make people more sensitive about how we should treat our nature instead of destroying little by little our own garden and case away to new planet.

Love should be nature, respect should be nature, caring should be nature, caring about others is the new punk Be yourself and hack the system to the good! Everyone could become a good gardener.

Exhibition design with a real plant installation by Filipa Domingues.

  • Wobble Garden

    Robin Baumgarden

    Wobble Garden is a hand-crafted arrangement of sensing springs combined with reactive lighting. Players wobble springs to interact with the installation and play games. It creates a unique visual and tactile experience and will be scaleable to a several meter large installation.

  • Floragram

    Armel Gibson, Théo Le Du, Maxime Conquy & Delphine Fourneau

    Write a few words for someone dear to you, without naming them. End your message by pressing the validation key, and see the vegetation on the island grows ~ Floragram was made in 48h during ZooMachines Festival 2016 and was originally played with a real typewriter. Typing a message would make the vegetation grow on screen. Once the message was typed, it was rolled up and put into a bottle.

  • Alea

    Paloma Dawkins, Cale Bradbury, and Calia Thompson-Hannant

    By the creator of Gardenarium, gadget hippy Paloma Dawkins, and Gifsmith Cale Bradbury, and tunes by Mozarts Sister Caila Thompson comes a psychedelic game thats like a hiking or forest simulator combined with dance dance revolution or guitar hero, or maybe nothing you've ever seen before! All you need is a keyboard, sunglasses, trail mix, LSD, keyboard, map, bird guide, etc. Your goal is to zen out till the end of the track without missing a beat, while making sure to listen and watch the plants as they communicate to you. Inspired by hiking with friends that suck at nature, don't feed the squirrels. Because there aren't any.

  • A Good Gardener

    Ian Endsley and Carter Lodwick


  • Garden Garden

    Concrete Games

    A zen and oniric gardening game.

  • Garden of Calm

    Olivia Haines

    Chill out and wander around a little garden~ There's no final objective or a focus on mechanics - I just wanted to making something cute, fun and calming.

  • Ghost Pond

    Tituoan Millet

    Ghost Pond is an "aquarium", meaning that its only purpose is to be contemplated. There is no interaction possible from the player, but the entities present in the pond will behave and interact together in different ways.

  • Contre-ciel

    Tatiana Vilela

    Contre-ciel is a playful installation based on a projected hanging sky framed in moldings and a digital piano made available to the audience. The weather, time and celestial bodies through the window change depending on the pianist's playing. Players must discover these grammar rules by musically exploring the artificial sky.

  • The Ziums Garden

    Michael Berto

    Digital Art Collection in a garden.

  • A MAZE. Train Jam Games


    Games made during the first Train Jam in South Africa.

    amazetrainjam #AMaze2018